Corporate Strategy

Vision & Strategy

We often know where we want to go but lack the detailed plans to get there.  Current Family can help you and your organization develop a strategy for success from beginning to end.  Whether you are just started into your venture, need to revisit your purpose or are launching a new initiative, we can help you strategize and develop a plan for success.  Contact us today. 

Staff Development

Growth, Structure & Unity

We are passionate about helping teams work together to accomplish a clear vision.  As organizations grow, their leaders must grow at a slightly advanced pace.  Often, specific training is needed to help teams navigate new seasons and to maximize their results.  Current Family is experienced in helping teams accomplish exactly these goals.  If you and your team are ready to achieve greater success, contact us today. 

Leadership Training & Coaching

Executive & Second Tier Leadership

Whether one-on-one with you, members of your executive team or with your entire executive level staff, Current Family has the experience to help you and your team break through to greater success.  In addition, our team is experienced in building peer-to-peer leadership relationships to help you maximize your team.  Contact us today. 

Speaking & Facilitation

Motivation, Encouragement & Instruction

Our team of professional, experienced speakers are available to encourage your team, bring instruction or to facilitate your next strategy session.  With years of professional ministry and corporate experience, our team can help you reach your next level.  Contact us today.

Design & Production

Aesthetics, Graphics & Video

Current Family is also excited to offer our years of facilities design, graphic and video production to you and your team.  We can help you reinvigorate your old space or strategically develop a new space.  Contact us for more information.

Curriculum & Training

Resources for Leaders and Teams

Current Family provides the KUEST Kids Leadership curriculum, online leadership posts, individualized student ministries consulting, books and more for you and your organization.  To connect with one of our leadership team, contact us today.